Between 18th and 20th February 2014 our school was visited by lecturers and their students from Liverpool Hope University (England). They had the opportunity to conduct classes for our pupils. The variety of subjects ranged from English poetry and drama to Spanish language lessons. Our youth was extremely excited by that experience. Our guests noticed it and complimented upon their engagement in the lesson.

Everyone finds this visit unforgettable! Below you may find several opinions which our students expressed afterwards.

About the drama lesson


That lesson was great. I like drama so it was funny and creative. We used our body to create objects and we also learnt a lot about British legends. I hope that we will have more lessons like that one.


That lesson wasn't boring and the time flew fast. We had a lot of fun! I hope it wasn't the last lesson of that kind.


We met British people and they taught us the physical theatre. We performed a short story of St. George. That lesson was very interesting and funny.


That lesson was amazing! We met British people and learnt about the physical theatre. I hope we will have more lessons of that kind!

About the Spanish lesson


Those lessons were very interesting. I think that knowing a lot of languages, at least a few sentences (for example in Spanish), can be useful. The teachers were great – very friendly and talkative!

I like classes of that kind and I hope that we will have more similar lessons in the future because students love things like that. After that lesson I can remember a lot of words in Spanish and I can even make simple sentences! During the lesson we were describing people's appearance (eye, hair colour etc.).

After the lesson I was talking to one of those teachers. They live in Liverpool. We were talking about English language and she said 'Your English is beautiful'. That was really kind! ;)


The lesson was very good. They were talking in a very clear way and they were very friendly.


The Spanish lesson was very nice. We were speaking Spanish and playing games. Spanish isn't very hard.


The lesson was cool and interesting. I can now say something in Spanish. I love classes like that!


It wasn't bad at all! It was funny enough for me to be happy about that lesson. I think I could have classes like that every week.