My future vacation

This summer vacation I am going to spend in Bory Tucholskie. I was there many times. I love this land. My grandma and grandpa lived in a small village called Wycinki. Funny name, I know. Near the village there is a beautiful lake Kalebie (Kałębie in Polish language). The village and the lake are in the center of the woods. My grandparents’ house is very old. Nobody lives in it, because it needs many repairs. My mum and I are going to rent two rooms in a sailing resort. I am going to learn sailing with an instructor. During the rest of summer vacation I am going to sail on the lakes near Torun and help my mum to arrange our new flat.

Damian Piór, 5a

                                                   My room
My room is of medium size. It has one large window. On the window there are dark - blue roller-blinds. In summer it is cool, because I close the blinds every evening and in the morning the sun does not shine in my eyes and the light does not wake me up. My room is narrow and long. There is the sky - blue wallpaper on the walls. On the left side of my room there are two desks with computers. One is mine and the other is my mom’s. Above my desk there is a cool lamp. Shelving and cabinets stand on the right. I have all my books on the shelves near the window. Under the window there are two single sofa beds. Between the beds there is a medium - sized table. Near the door there is a small chair. My cat usually sleeps on it. In my room I have a large TV and DVD. I really like my room and I do not want another one. 

Damian Piór, 5a

Where and how I like to spend my vacation

I like to spend my vacation by the lake in the woods. I don't like mountains because I hate climbing. I don't like going to the seaside. The Baltic sea is very polluted, beaches are dirty and full of rubbish. Every year I and my mum try to find another interesting place in Poland. I love swimming so we always choose lakes. We rent a holiday house every year. We always take one of my friends with us. During vacations we visit nearby places, go on long trips, play football and badminton, shoot a bow, ride a bike, sail a dinghy, a boat, a canoe but mainly we swim. We eat dishes which we like and we eat a lot of ice-cream. We go to sleep late because we make bonfires and barbecues in the evening, sometimes late at night. Then we sleep for a long time. We don't watch TV. In our opinion it is a waste of time during the holiday. I wish everyone beautiful weather on their vacations!!!

Damian Piór, 4a

My home

Hi everyone! I live in a new house in Silno with my parents and my little sister Ola. Our house is not big, but very nice. It’s got seven windows so it’s very light. The garage is next to the house. The garden is behind the house. There are three stairs to the garden. There are three bedrooms and there’s a kitchen and a living room. There are two sofas, a little table and a big TV in the living room. There’s a fireplace made of stone, too. There are lots of cupboards in my bedroom. There are lots of toys and dolls in Ola’s bedroom. There’s a big bathroom next to the living room and opposite to my bedroom. I like our house.

Martyna Świątkowska, 4b

My favourite animals 

I love all animals, even insects. I ran away from gadflies and bumblebees, but I do not harm them. I like brown bears, tigers, lions, wolves, bisones, foxes, eagles, hawks, doves, swallows, stroks, canaries, dolphins, whales, butterflies, lizards, colourful little frogs and rats.

I have two pets: a cat and a dog in my house. The cat's name is Mimi and my dog is called Nora. They are from the animal shelter in Toruń. Nora has brown hair and she is small. She is very polite. My dog listens to me. She can defend me. Mimi is small and she has three colours of fur: white, brown and black. She is really beautiful. Like all cats Mimi is an egoist, she does what she wants. When I am not at home Nora and Mimi miss me so much. They love me and I admire my sweet pets. I have a dog and a cat in the hosue so I love these animals more than others.

Remember: animals are not things, they have feelings. They can love, they feel the pain. Don't hurt them!

Damian Piór, 4a


My house

I live in a nice flat on the third floor. In my flat there is one bedroom, one kitchen, one bathroom and one living room. My block has a lift. My room has got blue walls and a nice carpet. In my room there is a bed, a wardrobe and a desk on which stands the computer. There are a lot of books standing on shelves. My room is very comfortable in my opinion, and I’m pretty satisfied with it.

Sandra Kołodziejska 4b

My favourite band

My favourite band is One Direction. They are from the United Kingdom. There are five boys in that band: Zayn Malik (21 years old), Harry Styles (20 years old), Niall Horan (21 years old), Liam Payne (21 years old) and Louis Tomlinson (22 years old). My favourite songs are 'Midnight Memories', 'Story of My Life' and 'Rock Me'.

Michalina Otkińska 4b

My Dream Classroom

My dream classroom is large and bright and the walls are in rainbow colours. All students have comfortable, green chairs. There are beautiful snow-white curtains on big windows. On the floor there is a colourful carpet. In the classroom there is a lot of flowers, a few pictures on the wall and a display case with our best houseworks. All school children have laptops on their tables. Kids in my class are good, polite and hardworking.

Damian Piór 4a