Ghost stories: An old mansion

One day in the winter 2004 I was in an old empty mansion. I was there with my little brother. It was snowing heavily outside, one could hardly see anything through the windows. We were trying to get some sleep. We were just about to turn off the light when suddenly we heard a horrific scream. We went to the kitchen and we saw a huge and totally pale ghost of a woman. She was flying high beneath the ceiling. We felt terrified and we ran out back to our sleeping room. Then we started dialing our mum’s number, but to no avail. Our fingers were like made of stone. In the end we succeeded to call 111 and we told the police about the ghost. Initially they didn’t actually believe us, but eventually they came over and saved us.

Ewa Jaskólska, II B


Ghost stories: An old castle in Scotland

One day last winter I was in a hotel in Scotland. The hotel was placed in a very old castle. I was with my best friend. It was raining all the time and it was very windy. Because of the bad weather we were spending time in the hotel. We were watching a horror film when suddenly we heard a loud scream. We went out of our room to see what happened and we saw a lady in a long black dress. She looked strange, her face was almost invisible. We could only see her big, red eyes. She was talking towards us and talking to herself. We felt scared and we ran back to our room. We closed the door. At the end we told our friends about the ghost but they didn’t believe us!

Julia Wójcik, II B


Ghost stories: In the forest

One day on 17th January I was in the forest with my brother (an elf). It was foggy and cloudy, we were swimming in the lake. Later we were listening to music and drinking cola when suddenly we heard horrible shouting. We went to the enormous and strange cave and we saw a ghost of the hobbit in dirty armour. He was having a party and there were skeletons and other ghosts, too. We felt uneasy, so we went away. At the end we told our cousin, Wojtek, about the ghost. He believed us and we went to the cave again, but we saw no one there.

Magdalena Koczorowska, II B


Ghost stories: The hobbit


One day n 3rd August I was in the village with my friend. It was running shooting stars. We were eating sandwiches with bones of a dragon. We were going home when suddenly we heard a loud screaming of flowers. We went towards that noise and we saw a ghost of dead hobbit in yellow jacket and big green cap on his head. He was dancing breakdance and singing. We felt disgusted and we took his money and ran away. Then we saw him running after us, so we threw the money into his face. Nobody believed into our story.


Hubert Skierski, II B


The best day of my life

It was when I heard from my parents that we were going to the capital of France on holiday. I was very happy because of the news because I had always wanted to go to Paris. I watched a lot of films about this city for example " Midnight in Paris" and " Paris in Love ". There were many places, monuments, sights that I had the opportunity to see like the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe , the Louvre and of course the Disneyland. I dreamed of entering the top of the Eiffel Tower and enjoying the view of the beautiful, amazing Paris. In my room I have a lot of posters and pictures of the sights and monuments of Paris and whole France. I'm very pleased with the holidays and grateful to my parents for such a wonderful time.

Julianna Brodzińska I B


My ideal school

My ideal school is outside the city. It's a school for boys and girls. It's a day school but students go here from Monday to Thursday. There aren't any uniforms and students can wear everything that they like. There are some rules but they are very easy and not uncomfortable for pupils. The school's got a theatre with a stage, a music room, a dance studio, a computer and art room and an indoor swimming pool. Outside the school there are tennis courts and football and basketball pitches.

 A typical day at school is 9.00 am - 4.30 pm from Monday to Thursday. The pupils come to different classes on different lessons. Each of the breaks is 20 minutes and students can go outdoors during them. The lunch breaks are on the 4th, 5th, 6th school break. Some pupils eat lunch at school, other people take a packed lunch. 

After school there are clubs for each of the subjects. There are also football, volleyball and basketball teams. In the school teachers often organize trips to very beautiful places. They aren't compulsory but very popular. Eager students can be volunteers on the school ventures and take part in community service with disabled people. The homework is set every day but pupils don't do it in the books but on the Internet, then they send homework to their teachers. Students and teachers like it this way.

Daniel Hartowicz II D 


My ideal school 

My ideal school is located on a tropical island. You can see the ocean from the window . This is a boarding school. All pupils live in two dormitories. Every dormitory has four floors. You can find there a billard room , a tennis court and a game room . In this school there are two kinds of classes: a basketball class and an IT class . This school is quite big . There are two gyms , three computer rooms and laboratories for chemistry lessons . Next to the school there is a canteen . The food is delicious there. Pupils have everything for free there. There are also many club activities . You can ride a horse , swim in the swimming pool or climb on the wall . All pupils are smart and intelligent . Everybody loves this school .

Jakub Kwiatkowski II D


The worst day of my life

My best friend Kasia and I went to the cinema yesterday, after school. We bought tickets, cola and popcorn. We wanted to see a new horror film ,Bloody Mary`. This film was very, very terrific, and I like scary films. After the film I went to the toilet. Kasia was hungry so we decided to go to the Italian Restaurant. Near the restaurant we met Kuba and Jacek from our class. We started talking. Suddenly, Kuba and Jacek began to laugh. It appears that I had glued toilet paper to my trousers. I think that it was a very awful day in my life.

Maja Sawicka I C


The worst day of my life

The worst day in my live was three years ago on a camp. I was at the seaside, far from home and I felt sick. I felt very bad. I had a high temperature and a headache. I had to lie in bed all day long and be with the teacher. Other children were on the beach, they swam in the sea, went for a walk but I couldn't. The nurse often gave me medication and checked my temperature. I wanted to go back home. I felt sad and envied children, because they could be happy in warm holidays. In the afternoon my parents come and took me home. It was the worst day in my life!

Dominika Trojanowska I B


The worst day of my life

It happened on 22nd , 2012. I was sitting at school as usualy. It was a History lesson. I was listening to my teacher when suddenly some paper appeared on my desk. A the beginning, I didn't know what it was. I took the paper and started to read...


Dear Caroline,
I would like to meet you today, after our classes, in the Internet Café.
I will be waiting.

I had always liked Michael, so I decided to go. I couldn't wait till the end of the lesson and right after the classes I ran quickly to the Internet Café. Michael wasn't there yet, so I sat by one of the tables and started to read a newspaper. After a few minutes, my four friends came into the café. I didn't know what was going on, so I said 'hello' to them. One of them looked at me and started laughing loudly. Others did the same. I burst out laughing too. I thought that one of them did something stupid, but I didn't notice it. My friends looked at me as if I was crazy and they went out fast laughing all the time. Michael didn't come, of course, but when I came back home, a surprise was waiting for me. I turned on my computer immediately and it turned out that the whole school was laughing at me. I was so naive to believe that he would like to meet me! Michael was laughing at me too. I was angry at myself that I didn't suspect what was going on. It was the worst day in my life!

Klaudia Cieślak I B